Silver $800

Silver   $800

Rehearsal & Wedding Day package is perfect for those couples wanting professional assistance only for the rehearsal and the day of the wedding services.

Silver includes:

~ Meet 6-8 weeks before wedding day to discuss needs and expectations.

~ Follow up meeting two weeks in advance to discuss remaining concerns. We will also tie up loose ends and reconfirm with all vendors.

~ Unlimited phone and email contact

~ Create itinerary for the bridal party, if requested

~ Ensure the couple and all guests have everything they need to enjoy the day

~ Provide Set up for all reception decorations

~ Act as Point of Contact for vendors day of

~ Keep activities on schedule

~ Execute all wedding plans and details w/vendors in accordance with the couple’s wishes

~ Up to 3 hours of rehearsal day coverage

~ Direct rehearsal at the ceremony site if requested by couple and allowed by officiant or assist as needed

~ Keep all wedding party on schedule at rehearsal

~ Review of all vendor contracts and confirmation of vendor services two weeks prior to the wedding

*If tear down has not been arranged, planner is scheduled to leave after dinner has been served.  If tear down has been arranged, planner will stay until after dinner has been served and return approximately 30 minutes prior to the scheduled end time